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About Us

Subor, founded in 1996 with the purpose of manufacturing and trading GRP (Glass-Fiber Reinforced Plastic) pipes using the Advanced Continuous Filament Winding Technology worldwide, is a partnership of Yapı Merkezi Holding and Amiantit Group of Companies.

Having the privilege of being the first technological facility in Turkey in the field of GRP pipe production and using its own R&D and developed technology, Subor offers solutions for different infrastructure applications for over 25 years with its wide variety of products and service portfolio, ranging from circular pipes to non-circular pipes, from jacking pipes to biaxial pipes.

Subor has an annual production capacity of 12000 km GRP pipes today with its 54 production lines, 43 at Sakarya Plant and 1 at Şanlıurfa Plant. Depending on the project conditions, Subor is capable to provide optimum customized solutions with its fully integrated quality approach to meet the engineering requirements, in compliance with the world’s most fundamental and acknowledged industry standards such as AWWA, ASTM, ISO, EN, DIN and BS.

By manufacturing pipes in a range from 200 mm to 4000 mm diameter, and from 1 bar to 40 bar pressure and its fittings, Subor provides accurate solutions for a wide variety of projects such as:
  • Potable water projects,
  • Irrigation projects,
  • Power plant projects,
  • Manufacture of “jacking” pipe which allows trenchless installations,
  • Wastewater and storm water projects.
Offering its products for use also in the global markets ever since the beginning of its production activity, Subor has gained pace in its export activities in the recent years, and exports 70% of its production worldwide today. Subor now conveys water to the future with confidence in 55+ countries throughout 5 continents including the Balkans, the Middle East, Africa, Russia, Far East, USA, New Zealand and the CIS countries.

Subor, growing into an important and globally preferred brand in its sector, takes pride in delivering water, the most fundamental value of life, in a healthy and safe way to the world and contributing to its conveyance to the future generations.

Today, Subor is amongst the leading GRP pipe manufacturers and has created a reputable brand name in the world through its successful references. Subor will continue to improve its global presence by creating value to its partners and to enhance the quality of people’s lives.

Our successful track record and strong experience make us your “GLOBAL SOLUTION PARTNER IN PIPE SYSTEMS”


To carry our quality-oriented, innovative product and engineering solutions that are integrated with the latest technologies, to different geographies.


To be a solution partner that adds value to humanity and to our stakeholders on a global scale, with our ever-developing technological infrastructure, superior service understanding and with products that are health and environment conscious.


Quality is our red line.
The customer is always our benefactor.
We continuously invest in people.
We act responsibly to the environment and public health.
We are innovative and open to continuous improvement in our activities.


Sakarya Facility made their first production on April 12, 1997 on a single line and commissioned the second line in December 1998 to increase the existing capacity by 100%. It commissioned the third production line in 2009 and carries out production via the continuous Glass Fiber Winding Technology in the diameter range of 200-4000 mm, with the rigidity classes of 2500-5000-10000 N/m², and up to 40-atm pressure. In 2020, the non-circular pipe production line, the 4th production line of the factory, whose R&D was developed by Subor itself, was put into service.

Subor Sakarya Factory is a partnership of “Yapı Merkezi” with 80% and “Amiantit Group” with 20%, formed with domestic and foreign capital.
Şanlıurfa Facility was founded in July 2000 as Subor's third production line and second factory. It carries out production via the continuous Glass Fiber Winding Technology in the diameter range of 300-3200 mm, with the rigidity classes of 2500-5000-10000 N/m², and up to 40-atm pressure.

Subor GAP Factory is a partnership of “Subor” with 80% and “Fernas” with 20%.


2021 2021 2020 2020 2020 2019 2018 2017 2017 2012 2009 2009 2009 2006 2002 2001 2000> 1999 1998 1997 1996

Approval Of EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) Certificate


Approval Of Subor Design Center By The Republic Of Turkey Ministry Of Industry And Technology


Approval Of ISO 27001 Information Security Management System Certificate


Export To Camerun,
Djibouti, Mongolia
And Uruguay


First Nc Pipe Production


IMKB Stars Of Chemistry -
3rd Prize In The Export
Of Construction Plastics, 1st
Prize In GRP Pipe
(Consecutively For 2 Years)


10.000 Km In Production


Sanliurfa Factory
Production Diameter
Increased To 3200 Mm


100.000 Vehicles In Shipment


5.000 Km In Production


Accreditation Of Laboratories By TURKAK


Approval Of OHSAS 18001
Occupational Health
And Safety Management
System Certificate


First Dn4000 Pipe Production In Turkey And Europe


1.000 Km In Production


100 Km In Production


Approval Of ISO 14001
Management System


2nd Facility Set Up In Şanliurfa


Approval Of ISO 9001 Quality Management System Certificate


First Export


First Production And Shipping


Establishment Of Subor


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